The Sow Fresh Family Farm – Our History

Our family’s agricultural roots span four generations and over a century of combined experience in producing grain and vegetable crops. Our grandfather and father were very influential in the vision for Sow Fresh Farm Market and the expansion of our family farm. In addition they made the invaluable contribution of passing down the skills and knowledge we use today to produce homegrown produce, grain crops, plants, and flowers which we sell at Sow Fresh Farm Market in Adrian, Michigan and at public farm markets.

For many years our farm wholesaled vegetables to grocery stores such as Kroger, Food Town and The Anderson’s. Produce was also sold to smaller independent specialized retail stores.  Additionally, during this time our father and grandfather also wholesaled produce at the Eastern Market in Detroit, Michigan (we still do today!) and retailed at various farmer’s markets including Eastern Farm Market in Detroit (Michigan), Toledo Farmers Market (Ohio) and Perrysburg Farmers Market (Ohio). In 1992 a retail farm market was added to our Temperance farm location. This market operated over the years selling the farm’s fresh produce but is now closed.

Pictured: Jon, Justin and Jessica back in the day on the farm…not too much has changed!