Our Story

For more than four generations, the Sow Fresh family has shared their passion for growing quality fresh fruits and vegetables with our community. The Sow siblings Justin, Jessie, and Jon treasure the wonderful experience of growing up on the family farm, learning first-hand the operations of a seasonal wholesale business and the Temperance, MI farm stand (now closed). In 2014, the siblings achieved a lifelong dream, opening Sow Fresh Farm Market in Adrian, Michigan.

Our passion for food goes far beyond growing it. We love researching about nutrition, food and health; traveling to find new and notable foods and eateries; and, of course, creating and trying recipes–plus tasting everything, so we can share it with you!

We invite you to visit us at Sow Fresh Market and get a taste of what good food is all about!

Meet Our Family

As the oldest sibling, Justin is a natural leader and an all-around super hero!  Having grown up working alongside his father and grandfather on the farm, Justin learned a rock solid work ethic and an intense passion for growing and harvesting food.  A jack of all trades, when Justin isn’t managing the market and farm operations, he’s busy throwing hard checks in the Adrian Men’s hockey league and teaching middle schoolers how to find joy through physical activity. Despite his many responsibilities, his favorite role is husband and father – to wife Shelley, and daughters Lila and Emma.

Like his older brother, Jon grew up learning the ins and outs of farming from his father and grandfather.  During his childhood, he was Grandpa’s right-hand man, a role he cherished. Not much has changed over the years; Jon is still the workhorse he was in his youth. He still lives and breathes farming, and hockey, too. When he isn’t obsessively checking his radar app, raving about his last amazing meal or the new IPA that he’s discovered, he’s busy helping manage the family farm and coaching AAA youth hockey.

Jess is proof that you can take the girl off the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the girl! After many years spent living and working in downtown Chicago, Jess longed to return to her family and farming roots. She took a leap of faith, ditched corporate America and launched Sow Fresh Farm Market, a lifelong dream she shares with her brothers. Today, Jess indulges both her love of agriculture and foodie fanaticism by splitting her time between the market and farm. She’s truly passionate about connecting people to the source of their food, and enjoys building relationships with her customers.

Shelley is married to Justin and her mantra is, “No boring food!”  Having grown up on a dairy farm, she learned early on the value of hard work and the simple pleasures that accompany farm life.  Shelley’s passion for healthy, healing foods is evidenced by many of the most popular products on the shelves at Sow Fresh Market and her advice is sought by many of our customers aiming to improve their own health.  When Shelley’s not researching new products or health trends, you can find her running outdoors or with her head deep in a bag of milk chocolate, double dip peanuts. Hey, we can’t all be perfect 100% of the time!

“Mama E,” as we affectionately refer to her, is the mother hen of Sow Fresh. Customers can often find her dancing across the market floor to 60’s music while sharing her enthusiasm for any and all of our delicious products. Mama enjoys lending a hand at the market in any capacity, and keeps us all well fed while we work long days on the farm. A champion of her kids’ dreams, we wouldn’t be where we are today without all of her love, support and wisdom. Thanks, Mama!

In Loving Memory

Franklin KrallRest in peace with our good Lord, Dear Dad!

We’ll hear you when the wind rustles the oak tree, see your smile when the sun peaks over the horse barn, feel your joy when the birds sing and your touch when the summer sun kisses our faces; know you’re praying for us when a storm thunders in from the west.

Thank you for everything and then some. Without you, we would not have learned to love the land and all of God’s creation, nor each other in quite the same way. Your stamp is on all that we do, and your legacy will live on in us. God bless you!